Basic installation only takes a few minutes and requires no special tools or additional fees. Activation and configuration of the device can be done on any computer and most smart phones connected to the internet.

Alarm-Point includes a pre-paid 1 year cellular communication plan which starts when the batteries are installed and the first message is sent out to the Network. The plan is based on an average of 1 message per day or 30 messages per month from the Device to the Network. Alarm notifications do not count against the monthly total.

This Quick Start Guide will help you get your Alarm-Point system up and running.

Download the Quick Start Guide here.

Setting Up Your Alarm-Point Device

In Canada, Alarm-Point utilizes the Rogers Cellular Network. Your Alarm-Point device must be installed in a location that can receive a cellular signal in order to work. Once you have selected the installation location we recommend that you attach the antenna and any optional sensors prior to installing the batteries.

**Note: When using the "C" or "D" (D is the internal temperature sensor) input, we recommend activating the device prior to installation to set the high and low values on the virtual control panel.

Canadian Coverage Map
US Coverage Map

Application Considerations

It is not only important to make sure the application is suitable for the Alarm-Point Device, consideration must also be given to the set up and configuration of the Alarm-Point Sensor. Applications where close tolerances can cause continuous alarming such as a sump pump with the float switch set too low could also exceed the allowable monthly message limit and may result in your Alarm-Point service being temporarily suspended.

An input cannot generate more than one alarm until it has been cleared of the alarm condition. Five identical alarm to clear messages within 3 hours will cause the device to go into a locked state and be inoperable until power is recycled. Making the changes to the alarm settings and or adjusting the sensor installation would be required to prevent further service disruptions.

Attaching the Antenna and Sensor

  1. Attach the antenna to the top of the Alarm-Point device by screwing it on in a clockwise direction until secure.
  2. Attach the optional sensor by matching the "letter" on the package to the corresponding "letter" on the Alarm-Point device:
    • A to A
    • B to B
    • C to C
  3. For information on how to install or use your specific sensor, please refer to the sensor packaging.

Installing the Batteries


  1. Remove the battery cover by sliding it up.
  2. Insert the batteries into the opening on the front of the Alarm-Point device.
  3. Gently press down to secure the batteries.
  4. Replace the battery cover onto the front of the Alarm-Point by sliding down until a click is heard.
  5. In 2 to 4 seconds the RED light will turn on while searching for a Network, once connected to a Network the RED light turns off and the GREEN light turns on. When all designated messages have been sent and received the GREEN light will turn off and the Alarm-Point device goes into a low power state.
*** Note: Only ROM approved 3.6 V Lithium batteries may be used in your Alarm-Point device. Use of unapproved batteries may cause your Alarm-Point to stop working or interfere with the operation of the device. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. Dispose of the battery in accordance with the laws and regulations in your area governing disposal of such battery cell types.

Activating your Alarm-Point

Click here and follow the onscreen instructions to activate and setup the ROM Alarm-Point device.